Is the skin on your arms sagging, or drooping? If you’re sick of your loose underarm skin, you may want to think about an arm lift procedure.

What an Arm Lift Accomplishes

A brachioplasty or arm lift is performed to reduce the excess skin on your upper arm from your elbow to your armpit. It tightens the supportive tissues underneath the skin and gives the arm more definition. It will also remove the pockets of fat found in this area.

There are a few variables that lead to you needing an arm lift. Aging is the most common because as you age, your skin starts to lose the collagen and elastin that is responsible for a smooth appearance.

Fluctuations in weight will affect your skin, too. Weight gain stretches your skin out, and if you then lose the fat, your skin may not bounce back to its former tightness.

Who Can Have an Arm Lift?

Obviously, the best candidate for the procedure is a healthy adult who doesn’t need to lose a significant amount of weight. If your upper arms are burdened with excess skin and small amounts of fat, then a brachioplasty is an excellent way to improve this problem.

The Procedure

In order to undergo the procedure, you’ll have to be put under some form of anesthesia. This is a legitimate surgery, and you need the anesthesia for your comfort and safety. Depending on how involved your surgery is, the doctor will either use intravenous sedation or put you under general anesthesia.

The length of the incision will depend on how much excess skin has to be removed and where it’s located. The actual location of the incision is typically made on the inside or the backside of the arm.

It can run from the armpit all the way down to the elbow. If there’s any excess fat, it can be cut off or removed via liposuction.

If there isn’t a lot of skin to remove, the incisions will be significantly smaller than armpit-to-elbow. Once the excess skin is removed, the remaining skin will be sutured and smoothed over the arm to create the new contour of your arms.

When you’re longing for the taught, toned arms of your youth, an arm lift is able to reverse this unfortunate effect of aging and weight loss. Contact the office of Dr. J. Anthony Stephens today to schedule an appointment. An evaluation will be provided to decide whether or not an arm lift will benefit your needs.

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