What is a Plastic Surgeon?

Plastic surgeons are highly trained medical professionals specializing in both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Their extensive education includes completing medical school, followed by a rigorous residency program in plastic surgery. This specialized training encompasses a wide array of procedures ranging from craniofacial surgery to breast reconstruction and aesthetic enhancements. A key aspect of their expertise lies in their comprehensive understanding of the human body, allowing them to address complex medical conditions while also enhancing physical appearance.

Board certification is a critical component for plastic surgeons. Achieving certification from bodies like the American Board of Plastic Surgery means they've met stringent standards of education, ethics, and examination. This certification is not a one-time accomplishment. Instead, it requires ongoing education and examinations to ensure the surgeon stays current with the latest advancements in the field.

A plastic surgeon's role is multifaceted, combining skillful artistry in aesthetics with the technical precision needed for reconstructive procedures. Their comprehensive training and certification ensure they are well-equipped to safely and effectively meet the diverse needs of their patients.

What is a Cosmetic Surgeon?

Cosmetic surgeons focus primarily on improving the aesthetic appearance through both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Their training typically involves completing a residency in a related field, such as dermatology, otolaryngology, or general surgery, followed by additional training in cosmetic procedures. This path differs from the comprehensive training of plastic surgeons, as it is more focused on aesthetic enhancements rather than reconstructive surgery.

Cosmetic surgeons often pursue workshops, fellowships, and seminars to refine their skills in specific cosmetic procedures. This additional training is typically more specialized, concentrating on facial cosmetic surgery, liposuction, or breast augmentation. However, it's important to note that there is no accredited residency training program exclusively for cosmetic surgery in the United States, which can lead to variations in the depth and breadth of training among cosmetic surgeons.

Cosmetic surgeons are medical professionals with a primary focus on enhancing physical appearance. Their training, while extensive in specific procedures, does not encompass the broader range of reconstructive techniques and emergency care typically associated with board-certified plastic surgeons.

Comparing Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons

Plastic surgeons undergo extensive medical training, including a dedicated residency in plastic surgery, encompassing a wide range of reconstructive and aesthetic procedures. This training is validated through rigorous board certification, ensuring their proficiency in both cosmetic enhancements and complex reconstructive surgeries. 

Cosmetic surgeons, on the other hand, typically begin their careers in related fields such as dermatology or general surgery, followed by additional training explicitly focused on aesthetic procedures. While skilled in cosmetic enhancements, their training doesn’t encompass the broad spectrum of reconstructive techniques that plastic surgeons are equipped with. 

Consequently, the choice between the two should be guided by the patient's specific needs – seeking comprehensive reconstructive and aesthetic expertise or specialized cosmetic enhancements.

Why Choose a Plastic Surgeon?

Choosing a plastic surgeon ensures that you are in the hands of a medical professional with the highest training, expertise, and ethical standards. Their comprehensive understanding of the human body, combined with a mastery of surgical skills, positions them to provide aesthetically pleasing, safe, and long-lasting outcomes.

Here are some scenarios where you should consider choosing a plastic surgeon:

  • Complex Reconstructive Procedures: If you require surgery following trauma, cancer, or congenital conditions or include detailed reconstruction, like breast reconstruction post-mastectomy or repairing cleft palates.
  • Combination of Aesthetic and Functional Corrections:  If the surgery aims to improve both appearance and functionality, such as rhinoplasty (nose job), which can enhance looks and correct breathing issues.
  • Need for Comprehensive Approach: When seeking a holistic approach to aesthetics that considers long-term outcomes and overall physical health.
  • Undergoing Major Body Contouring: For significant body contouring surgeries like tummy tucks or body lifts, especially after massive weight loss where excess skin removal is required.
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Dr. J. Anthony Stephens: Qualifications and Expertise

Dr. J. Anthony Stephens is a distinguished plastic surgeon, board-certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. His credentials include extensive training and experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery. As a member of prestigious organizations such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Stephens is committed to the highest patient care and surgical excellence standards. His practice is grounded in a philosophy emphasizing patient safety, education, and personalized care, ensuring that each patient receives the best possible outcome tailored to their unique needs and goals.

Procedures Offered by Dr. Stephens

Dr. J. Anthony Stephens offers a wide range of plastic and reconstructive procedures tailored to meet his patients' unique aesthetic and medical needs. His expertise encompasses advanced surgical techniques in procedures, including:

Each treatment is carefully planned and executed with the highest standard of care, ensuring patient safety and satisfaction.

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Making the Right Decision for Your Needs

The choice between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon is significant, with implications for both the quality and safety of the outcome. Plastic surgeons, with their comprehensive training in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, offer a depth of expertise and versatility essential for addressing a wide range of patient needs. Dr. J. Anthony Stephens epitomizes this expertise, combining extensive training with a commitment to patient-centered care. Choosing Dr. Stephens for your plastic and reconstructive surgery needs ensures you are in the hands of a highly qualified professional dedicated to achieving the best possible results for each patient.

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