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Everyone wants a toned and fit body, but many individuals don’t have the time or energy required to hit the gym regularly. CoolTone is a system that employs MMS (magnetic muscle stimulation) to bypass the need for gym-based toning by rapidly exercising your muscles for you. While CoolSculpting® Elite freezes fat away, CoolTone tones, firms, and increases the definition of the muscles beneath — giving you abs, thighs, and buttocks that are fit and defined.

CoolTone Body Sculpting Has Numerous Benefits:

  • Non-surgical treatment 
  • No downtime required
  • Firms and tones the abs, buttocks, upper arms, and thighs
  • Treatment time is typically less than one hour
  • Only minor side effects
  • Settings can be customized for individualized treatment
  • Improved stamina and an increased ability for those who do semi-regular gym workouts

How CoolTone Works

Allergan, the creators of CoolSculpting, realized that freezing the fat off your body may help you slim down, but attaining your ideal body shape often requires one further step: toning. 

With that in mind, CoolTone was created to accelerate the toning process. CoolTone uses scientifically engineered magnetic pulses to trigger ultra-rapid muscle contractions to build muscle and create visible muscle definition. 

This cutting-edge, FDA-approved technology uses non-invasive magnetic muscle stimulation to:

  • Firm the abdominals
  • Tone the thighs 
  • Strengthen and lift the buttocks 

CoolTone delivers 1.35T (Tesla) of magnetic muscle stimulation into the muscles, using coils that vary the magnetic force output during this advanced treatment to provide more consistent results than other similar devices. The magnetic force penetrates through the fat layer into the muscle beneath and causes super-rapid involuntary muscle contractions. When your body registers these contractions, it builds and strengthens the muscle fibers. 

You cannot achieve this level of muscle stimulation with any exercise. This process improves the conditioning of the underlying muscle, creating visible muscle definition. 

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How Much Does CoolTone Cost?

The cost of CoolTone depends on which muscle groups you want to work out and how many treatments you’ll need. Our standard CoolTone treatment plans include four treatments performed over two weeks for ideal results, with packages available from $2,500 to $4,000. Once we have evaluated the extent of the treatment to achieve your vision for your body, we can provide you with a more exact quote.

Your Consultation

At Stephens Plastic Surgery + Skincare Aesthetics of Baton Rouge, it’s our priority to give you the best experience possible. A consultation with us for CoolTone will ensure the personalization of the settings you need to achieve the results you want for your abdomen, buttocks, or thighs. We will also consult with you on diet, fat reduction, muscle tightening, and body sculpting methods to help you maintain a toned, defined look. We are very excited to offer CoolTone after seeing the results our patients are experiencing.

What Happens During a CoolTone Treatment?

Since CoolTone is a non-invasive treatment, no anesthesia is needed. You will be made comfortable on a reclining bed, and the CoolTone paddle will be placed against your skin (or sometimes over your clothes). We will also cover the area with protective magnetic shielding. The paddle sends varying magnetic energy waves to the area to be treated, activating the muscles beneath the fat layer. Throughout the treatment, we will gradually increase the intensity to provide a safe, comfortable, and intensive workout for your muscles.

The procedure is not painful, but you will feel your muscles rapidly contracting during treatment. The settings can be customized, but we typically recommend higher intensities for better results. Your muscles will respond to the contractions from CoolTone by building additional muscle mass, strengthening and building fibers, and enhancing visible toned muscle definition. In studies, patients noticed a 14% increase in muscle mass within two months after a series of four treatments. Many patients experience increased tone and definition after only a single CoolTone session.

Each session typically takes 45-60 minutes. During your consultation with us, we will go over how many sessions you need to achieve the look you want. Most patients undergo four treatments initially, then have follow-up sessions every couple of months to maintain results.

CoolTone perfectly complements treatments of CoolSculpt Elite, and the two treatments together can take you from having a layer of fat and love handles on your stomach to a firm, fit, sculpted body.

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Recovery After CoolTone

Zero recovery time is a fantastic benefit of our Baton Rouge CoolTone procedures. You’ll likely feel sore for several days following the procedure — a soreness similar to an intense workout — but this is a good thing because it means your treatment was successful and your muscles are in the process of building. We recommend drinking plenty of water to help reduce muscle soreness.

Results: What to Expect

One to two weeks following your first CoolTone session, you’ll see results. Your muscles will become better defined after each treatment.

With proper diet and exercise, results can last up to six months, at which point periodic treatments can maintain your look.  

Who is a Candidate for CoolTone?

Both men and women can undergo CoolTone to get a more toned and defined body. The ideal candidates for CoolTone are people who are in good physical health and relatively fit, but who are having trouble achieving visible muscle definition. If you have limited time for the gym or if the level of gym work needed to achieve your goals is unrealistic, then CoolTone might be the perfect answer for you.

CoolTone is Not Recommended for Those Who:

  • Are pregnant
  • Have had recent surgery
  • Have pacemakers
  • Have any other conditions that may react poorly to CoolTone

How to Know if CoolTone is Right for You

Depending on your needs, Dr. Stephens will suggest the proper intensity of the treatment necessary to get you the results you want. For Baton Rouge candidates who are physically fit and have a low body fat percentage, this body sculpting procedure is the ideal solution. Candidacy is best determined with an in-person consultation.

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Skincare Aesthetics of Baton Rouge for CoolTone

Our team at Skincare Aesthetics of Baton Rouge is hand-picked for their professionalism, friendliness, care, and most importantly, the quality of their work. Each individual has years of experience delivering top-quality cosmetic care to our patients and providing a wide array of non-surgical cosmetic treatments. We offer CoolTone because we know it works and we want only the best and most effective treatments for our patients. When you arrive, you will be pampered and treated with friendliness and care. Contact us today at (225) 768-7546 to schedule your CoolTone consultation.

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