As we age, it’s perfectly natural for the breasts to begin drooping and sagging. If you have noticed that your breasts have lost their youthful and pert position, a breast lift can be a great way to restore your ideal look. There are also lots of non-surgical and all-natural ways that you can correct sagging or drooping breasts. Let’s explore a few of the most popular at-home remedies for breasts that sag.

The Cause of Sagging Breasts

For the most part, breasts begin to sag or droop simply as a part of the natural aging process. As the years go on, gravity begins to take its toll, and the fatty tissues that make up the breasts begin to lose their elasticity and firmness. Eventually, this causes them to sag and droop, and in more extreme cases this can even cause the nipples to point downwards in an unfortunate way.

Some of the most common root causes for sagging breasts include:

  • Smoking, which can cause the skin to lose its supple nature
  • Having overly large breasts can make them more likely to droop
  • Menopause can sometimes impact the breast position
  • Very intense exercises can also have this effect

Correcting Drooping Breasts the Natural Way

If you’re worried about your breasts losing there youthful, perky look, don’t worry — there are lots of natural ways that you can encourage your body to hold onto its more voluptuous appearance. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective ways to naturally lift the breasts.

Focus on Good Posture

Believe it or not, improper posture isn’t doing your breasts any favors. When you sit upright and exercise good posture, your breasts are supported by your chest and back, distributing their weight more evenly across your body. Hunching forward, on the other hand, causes the breasts to hand away from your body, encouraging eventual sagging.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Your skin’s elasticity goes a very long way towards keeping your breasts from sagging or drooping, and your diet can be very effective when it comes to helping you hold onto youthful skin. Keeping a healthy diet is also a good way to maintain your proper body weight, which helps you avoid putting undue pressure on your skin. Keeping hydrated throughout the day will encourage your skin to stay healthy and supple, and avoiding tobacco is another effective way to stave off lost elasticity.

Get Your Exercise

Your breasts only contain fatty tissue, meaning there is no muscle present. So while you can’t necessarily cause your breasts to increase in firmness or position through exercise, what you can do is strengthen and improve your chest’s overall tone and look. Improving your muscle strength with light exercises like pushups and swimming can be a great way to encourage a stronger chest that will better support your breasts in a more youthful position.

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