How a Brow Lift Takes Years Off Your Face!

As we age, our brow naturally becomes furrowed, with horizontal creases across the forehead and vertical frown lines between the eyebrows. This can give you a grouchy or unhappy appearance, even when you’re feeling the opposite way. 


These deep wrinkles aren’t the only concern when it comes to the brow. Sagging tissues, fine lines and a lowered-looking brow can make you look tired all the time and can cause you to look older than you are. 


If you’re ready to turn back the clock and see your younger self in the mirror again, it might be time to consider a brow lift.


What is a brow lift?

A brow lift achieves a significant but natural-looking facial rejuvenation, giving you a more youthful, energized appearance. A brow lift can turn back time and bring back your brighter, younger look.


Brow lift surgery reverses the effects of age by tightening loose tissue, smoothing out deep wrinkles and lines, and elevating your forehead. This restores and lifts your brow, making furrows and frown lines disappear


Raising a sagging forehead opens the eye area and lifts the eyebrows, giving your face a lighter and more youthful look. By smoothing away the deep wrinkles and furrows that make you seem worried or upset even when you aren’t, a brow lift helps to restore a more neutral expression. This gives you back control over what emotions you want to convey to others.


Benefits of a brow lift

There are many benefits to a brow lift. The joy of seeing years disappear from your face is only one of them:


  • Smooths frown lines
  • Raises sagging brows
  • Lifts sagging eyelids
  • Places eyebrows in higher and in a more youthful position

Allows you to have control over the emotion your face conveys–no more grouchy or worried appearance when you’re feeling just fine!


What happens during a brow lift procedure?

There are three types of brow lift (endoscopic, temporal, or classic). Depending on your cosmetic goals and unique facial anatomy, Dr. Stephens will recommend the best approach during your consultation.


Generally, the procedure starts with incisions made around the forehead. The skin is then lifted to gently release and elevate the brow tissue. Once the brow tissue is properly repositioned, it is anchored in place with small, absorbable “tacks.” These dissolve in three to six months. 


Brow lift results 

After about two weeks, the swelling will fade and you will be able to see the results of this procedure–years taken off of your face! You will see a rejuvenated forehead, brighter, more open eyes, and smoother, more youthful-looking skin. Depending on the type of lift you received, these results will last for five to fifteen years.

Why choose Stephens Plastic Surgery for my brow lift?

The goal of Dr. J. Anthony Stephens is to provide each patient with the best experience all around, including the consultation, the surgery and post-operative care. With that in mind, he ensures your brow lift experience is excellent–from the moment you walk in until you see your final results in the mirror.

Having cosmetic surgery can be a very rewarding procedure in a person’s life. At the same time, it can also be rather stressful. Dr. Stephens and his friendly and professional staff are sensitive to your feelings and desires. Stephens Plastic Surgery is known for a welcoming, comfortable and caring approach with each and every patient. Contact us for a consultation about your brow lift surgery today.

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