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Top 5 Facial Aging Complaints

Top 5 Facial Aging Complaints

News presenter: Welcome back to news 2 at 4:00. Dr. Stephens joins us today and we’re talking about the top 5 facial changes associated with aging and how to solve the problems, so welcome back and what are these top 5.

Anthony Stephens: well inevitably it’s a milestone at age and so when women turn 50 most of our patients who are women and it’s usually about subtle issues, lip lines sagging skin around the neck, crow’s feet around the eyes and some drooping skin and these things you know would think they happened overnight and so they come to see us and we try to help with some small things first.

News presenter: All the same you hit a certain age and you wake up you’re like oh my god.

Anthony Stephens: Oh my god what’s happened, I’ve aged overnight and so some of the things we can address with some non-invasive procedures such as Botox maybe some fillers and even some skin pees, lip lines are one of those things I think can be helped with few of those non-invasive procedures such as Botox around the lips, fillers we can inject right in some of the lines and you can even plumb up the lip so I think we can help with some of those things and a lot of those you know smoking as we’ve talked about before or create lip lines.

News presenter: I was wondering where do the lip lines mainly come from?

Anthony Stephens: It’s animation you know, people that are very happy and they’re smiling all the time have these sort of things and I read an article recently with women drinking out of water bottles because their pressing their lips and so there are various theories out there what causes these lines but usually it’s lines of animation and that’s why Botox which paralyzes the muscle can help alleviate some of these small problems only on a temporary basis but the point is that we see a lot of these ladies with some of the smaller problems but some of the bigger problems is sagging skin whether it’s the neck the jowls or the drooping brows which may not be able to address with just non-invasive procedures they may need surgery.

News presenter: Right.

Anthony Stephens: And so we need to make the correct diagnosis and go from there.

News presenter: Okay, what about crow’s feet, talk to me about that

Anthony Stephens: Crow’s feet are much like lip lines and they’re lines of animation, we smile and we’re in the sun a lot and a s a matter of fact we see more of them on the left side because we are driving on the left side because we’re driving from the left side of the car. And so if we can paralyze that muscle which is the orbicularis oculi muscle we may not see those as much and so Botox works great only on a temporary basis.

News presenter: Okay and then besides that you know you can do other things.

Anthony Stephens: Yeah, you can do other things maybe a little filler and some things of that sort can help.

News presenter: Interesting

Anthony Stephens: but you know if we have sagging skin around the eyes then that’s a different issue that requires a surgical procedure called blepharoplasty.

News presenter: Alright and these are only temporary fixes.

Anthony Stephens: Yes

News presenter: how often would you have to..

Anthony Stephens: Reduce a Botox, well Botox can last up to six months maybe nine months in some people, depending on how animated you are around the lip you may need a little more often because we’re animating quite a bit.

News presenter; Okay, well thank you so much Dr. Stephens we appreciate you coming in.

Anthony Stephens: Glad to be here again.

News presenter: You’re watching WBRZ news 2 at 4:00, we’ll be right back.

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