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Instabreast – Temporary Breast Enlargements

Instabreast – Temporary Breast Enlargements

News presenter: Welcome back to WBRZ news 2 at 4:00 Dr. Stephens is here today and we’re talking about an interesting topic.

Anthony Stephens: Concept, concept out actually out of New York Dr. Norman Rose introduced the insta-breast and basically it’s injecting saline into the subcutaneous tissue of the breast giving you a 24 hour breast augmentation if you will, kind of a way to test drive right this before you actually get a permanent implant and he’s introduced a new concept called vacation breasts which may last up to three weeks using saline and another chemical which he is it’s undisclosed at this point and it may be approved by the FDA in the next couple of years which lasts maybe up to three weeks and so it gives the advantage of people that are interested in permanent breast augmentations whether we have here then a way to try them out if you will and maybe potentially want to make a size change and so this helps them to decide what they want.

News presenter: So they have a longer period of time, what’s the negative part of this?

Anthony Stephens: Well the negative part of the typical things of hematoma which is just a blood clot from injecting the saline into the breast infection which we typically don’t see but can happen and even a little bit of nerve damage, so there’s very little downside, but you do have to pay what he charger up to $2500 which is a lot for 24 hours.

News presenter: Wow.

Anthony Stephens: Yes.

News presenter: But do you this is going to catch on at all.

Anthony Stephens: Well I mean, I think that it is an interesting concept and I think it is a way for people to make it help them make a decision no I don’t think you’re gonna have a lot of takers for that type of money that he’s charging but who knows and it may be catching on for people that really are kind of unsure as to what size they want and this may help them out and we’re already doing it for some chin implants and cheek implants to decide exactly how big to make those. So yeah, I think it’s a concept it’s interesting how much it catches on well, we’ll see.

News presenter: Alright Dr. Anthony Stephens thank you so much for coming on today, you’re watching WBRZ news 2 at 4 we’ll be right back.

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