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Fat Reduction Options

Fat Reduction Options

News presenter: Welcome back to WBRZ news 2 at 4:00. Dr. Stephens is here and you have some information for us about a number of possible procedures.

Anthony Stephens: Well, to reduce fat. Every time everybody wants to have a little bit of fat reduction and you know they want to have it before spring break, well I don’t think that’s going to happen but maybe later in the summer depending upon the procedure that we choose and there are several of these that we can choose from, we’re seeing more and more marketing with coolsculpting all the way to laser liposuction and the question becomes I see all the time which one works and which is the best one for me. Well Coolsculpting basically is a way of freezing the fat it supplied by clamp freezes the fat takes several treatment over several months and it has some science to it and you see some results with it but it’s not a way of really reducing the fat and so it depends on the patient if we’re going to use it or not. Liposuction is a very popular method that we’ve used for years it all involves you know a cannula of sorts, whether it’s laser liposuction or tumescent liposuction, we put fluid in, we take out small amounts of fat and then we wear compression garments on top of that to help the skin contract back around it. So the whole point is not what procedure we use but seeing the right position to determine if you’re a candidate one for this remember weight reduction is the best way to reduce fat, period. Okay, so if we have a good bit of adipose or fatty tissue then we need to know which one is the best method for us we don’t want to have a lot of loose skin after we’ve removed this and so you need to ask you physician preferably a plastic surgeon that’s board certified by the American board of plastic surgery who knows about these procedures that can tell you which one is best for that patient so we don’t want to have a lot of these small procedures that they see, a lot of physicians that they have minimal results from when their expectations or I’m going to be skinny and that’s just not so.

News presenter: So what should people expect?

Anthony Stephens: Well, I think they need to decide do I have small areas like love handles do I have saddle bags that can be reduced with minimal effort and you can do that with my tumescent liposuction. It’s a big, it’s a spectrum we can do this under local anesthetic all the way to using a device that we have here which may remove more fat in the leaders of fat and that requires general anesthetic all the way from local anesthetic. So it’s a big spectrum, so I think that you need to see a physician that has the ability to diagnose the problem and recommend the right procedure for that patient there’s a lot of marketing out there and we really have to wade through that in order to get the truth on what procedure that works for us.

News presenter: okay and then I think a couple of weeks ago you were here talking to us about people who have lost all the weight and they still had all that excess skin.

Anthony Stephens: Yeah, right and so we see a lot of that now liposuction will not help loose skin which is a very good point I think that’s what you were making and so that needs to have skin reduction, now we may use liposuction in composite with that but it is a surgical procedure with skin reduction, so liposuction is a great tool when used in the right hands and on the right patient but it’s not a panacea and it’s not a miracle.

News presenter: Okay so you’re seeing patients now coming in?

Anthony Stephens: well, we’re seeing patients coming in that, that have they’ve been marketed to and they have a lot of loos skin in there, they’re using, are seeing some of these procedures like cool sculpting and other things that will not tighten the skin up it’s not a way of removing a lot of fat and so we’re seeing those kind of patients and so it’s important that you see the right physician in order to educate the patient that’s the number one thing and tell them hey this will work for you or it’s not going to work but we need to be honest with these people and so we can meet their expectations.

News presenter: oaky well, thanks so much Dr. Stephens for coming in today we appreciate it. You’re watching WBRZ news 2 at 4:00 we’ll be right back.

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