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Surgery for Large or Prominent Ears

Surgery for Large or Prominent Ears

News presenter: Welcome back to WBRZ news 2 at 4:00. Dr. Anthony Stephens is here and today we’re talking about the most common plastic surgery procedures that happened, happen for kids.

Anthony Stephens: Well, especially this time of year because schools out or seeing somebody’s corrected and one of them is prominent, near protruding ears, where the ears actually protrude from the head and stick out these kids generally about six or seven as we can see here are teased and so forth and so they get to be school age it’s about time to fix them and this is one of our young patients here who we operated on it requires general anesthetic a small incision behind the ear, takes about two hours we’re moving a little bit of cartilage and setting the ear back and you can see they really.

News presenter: That’s quite the difference.

Anthony Stephens: They really, they just really buy into this and they really want this and those are the patients that we like to see as opposed to patients our parents you know talking these kids into it and so the kids are very happy after it’s done you’ll see the little girls pull their head back and wear these headbands and so it really is rewarding and it’s a lot of fun to do and the kids really don’t have a whole lot of pain takes about a week to recover and so they do really well with it.

News presenter: Wow, what are there any other thing procedures that you see coming?

Anthony Stephens: Well, you see a lot of things in the summer, we see large Nevi and some other big moles that will be taken off summertime because kids are out of school but generally prominent ears is one of the most common ones we see year-round and we even see it in adults a lot of times but in kids it’s a wonderful thing to be able to do for them and see that smiling face.

News presenter: Absolutely, you say it six or seven is about the age.

Anthony Stephens: Six or seven because remember the ear is almost adult we’ve grown at by age seven 85% of the size of the ears is that age at seven years of age so that’s a great time to do it, it’s when these kids are generally teased at school age and so we want to get them before the cartilage gets hard and firm as in adults and so it works much better with kids.

News presenter: Alright, Dr. Stephens thanks so much for joining us today. You’re watching WBRZ news 2 at 4:00, we’ll be right back.

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