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Summertime surgeries for kids

Summertime surgeries for kids

News presenter: WBRZ news 2 at 4:00. For plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Stephens is back today, we’re talking about summertime surgeries for kids and you’re going to be talking about one in particular.

Anthony Stephens: Well, you know, this time of year kids are out of school and we tend to see some of the elective procedures being done and one of them is prominent ear or protruding ear and you see these ears in children and we see them in adults as well, but we seem to see it in kids and fix them by the time they’re about six or seven years of age.

News presenter: Okay, so we have some pictures up here, explain to us what we’re looking at.

Anthony Stephens: Well, we’re looking at a patient of mine we’ve done a couple of years ago and you see his prominent ears and so you see the before and after pictures and the typical ear is a flat upper ear, they lose part of the fold and so we’ll recreate that fold form and set back the ear so that the ears are not as prominent and you see these kids are very happy after it’s done, maybe not in the first day or so.

News presenter: Okay.

Anthony Stephens: But about a week or so after, they love it. Little girls pulling their hair back and it’s one of those feel-good operations for the surgeon and the child loves it for the most part.

News presenter: What’s the recovery like?

Anthony Stephens: Well, the recovery is probably a week or so, it’s not a bad recovery because you don’t put them in bandages, you actually put them in the first 24 hours, we’ll put them a little bandage so that they don’t knock the sutures loose during sleep and then we let them swing as we call it, you know we don’t put any bandage at all and so they can go out and play and it’s not one that sets it down all summer.

News presenter: Okay, is this something that’s typically covered by insurance?

Anthony Stephens: You know, some of this is most of the time, it’s not it just depends on your insurance company and so I recommend checking with them before you have the stuff.

News presenter: Okay, what other things are popular during the summer.

Anthony Stephens: Well, during the summer we see a lot of males with gynecomastia. You know, breasts and affinization in males and we tend to see a lot of this and kids that we’ll take care of during the summertime, especially in the summer they want to go without their shirts and so we see a lot of this and we can correct most of it for them.

News presenter: Okay and they’re usually happy with the results?

Anthony Stephens: Oh yeah, most of these kids, you know we want the child to buy into this and just like the protruding ears that we talked about and so we don’t operate on them and so they really notice that they’re being teased at school and then they buy into the surgery and then they’re more, you know, more likely to have a positive response than if the parents are dragging them in saying we need to do this and so we really want the child to be part of this decision and usually it’s around six or seven years of age when the ear really is, you know fully grown at about six or seven at least 85% of it is grown at that particular age, so that’s when we like to do this particular surgery.

News presenter: Okay, Dr. Anthony Stephens thank you so much for coming in today. You’re watching WBRZ news 2 at 4:00, we’ll be right back.

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