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Plastic Surgery as a gift

Plastic Surgery as a gift

News presenter: WBRZ news 2 at 4:00 for Dr. Stephens is here and tis the season it’s a popular time of year for gift-giving so what’s good and what’s bad in terms of giving plastic surgery.

Anthony Stephens: Well, it’s a great idea for a gift, but the recipient has to ask for it or at least show some sort of interest in plastic surgery, you don’t want to give somebody liposuction you know and them not want it or you know that’s kind of insulting questions.

News presenter: Right.

Anthony Stephens: So, you know, there are things that may be appropriate to give and if they’ve addressed that and some of the things maybe those we’ve talked earlier like Botox, simple things or maybe some of the fillers that we have, our skincare which I think is very appropriate. Surgery may not be, it just depends on, if the recipient wants it. We see an increase in plastic surgery procedures this time of year, people have time off from school or work and so it makes a good time to do plastic surgery. So we see an increase, especially in men as we talked earlier, for example Botox.

News presenter: Yeah what do men go for this time of year?

Anthony Stephens: Botox is actually a very popular thing with men. We’ve seen almost a 300% increase in Botox procedures since 2000 it only made up about 6% of the market but we’ve seen an increase in this over the, especially since the recession, men want to compete in the job market and so we’re starting to see more pay more attention to how they look.

New presenter: And what did you call it?

Anthony Stephens: “Brotox” and it’s been a term the media has coined.

News presenter: Okay.

Anthony Stephens: For this procedure, which is kind of funny but men are having an increased use in Botox.

News presenter: Are they just interested in it you think or are they like you said they’re looking for a younger look.

Anthony Stephens: I think they’re actually, you know using it for a younger look, trying to compete in the job market with a more youthful look and it seems to be working for them so we’re seeing more and more of this.

News presenter: Okay, and you do have, I mean gift cards available.

Anthony Stephens: There are gift cards available in a lot, in some of these spas, one of ours of course we have available for that which makes it easy for these men to have it on their time off or even after Christmas so I think it can be a great idea, but you just have to ask the person if they’re interested in some of these things rather than just give them plastic surgery for Christmas.

News presenter: So probably a good idea to just stay away from the surgery, skin.

Anthony Stephens: Yes, yes, skincare I think is a great idea and you know, just communicate a little bit.

News presenter: Sounds good, thanks so much Dr. Stephens for coming in today we appreciate you’re watching WBRZ news 2 at 4:00 we’ll be right back.

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