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Noninvasive Techniques VS Surgery for Sagging Facial Skin

Noninvasive Techniques VS Surgery for Sagging Facial Skin

News presenter: Welcome back to WBRZ news 2 at 4:00. Dr. Stephens is here today and we’re talking about non-invasive procedures that can sort of give you a refreshed look.

Anthony Stephens: Refreshed look, and maybe that’s the point I think a lot of these new techniques that we have are wonderful for fine lines and maybe a little bit of loose skin but if we have a lot of sagging skin, especially around the neckline around the jowl then all these non-invasive techniques are not the answer and I think I see so many ladies that coming in they’re looking for you know the quick fix, the non-invasive techniques and they’re just not there for a lot of sagging skin and unfortunately you know surgery is probably the best avenue for that and then potentially you know using some of these non-Invasive techniques for some of the fine lines after that I think is probably better money spent.

News presenter: So how do we keep maintenance?

Anthony Stephens: Well the key to this is first of the diagnosis okay, we need to find out exactly what they have and so if they have a lot of the sagging skin that where talked about then potentially surgery is the way to go first and then some of the non-invasive techniques, fillers some of the lasers and ultrasound work fantastic for that but if you have a lot of sagging skin then we need surgery.

News presenter: Alright, I think we have some pictures to show.

Anthony Stephens: Yes, the example right here this is a lady that you know she could bathe in botox and it’s not going to fix some of the sagging skin, this is a surgical problem and so you can see after surgery the neck looks great and then some of the fine lines using some lasers and things, another example a lot of Sun damaged skin, a lot of sagging skin and this is a after a facelift, is surgery and so that’s the answer and it’s not lasers and it’s not ultrasound therapy, it’s just too deep tissues the muscles have all been subjected to gravity and changes over time and it just needs to be refreshed and the only way to do that is a surgical incision.

News presenter: Okay, great so what other products are there besides the Botox.

Anthony Stephens: Well, ultrasound is a great technique that’s being used as well as some lasers and even the old-fashioned skin peels can help with some of the fine lines and so there are a lot of methods and modalities out there that we have we just need to know the correct diagnosis for the patient and point them in the right direction and really we see a lot of marketing out there and I see a lot of people that have spent a lot of money when surgery is probably the best avenue for them.

News presenter: Okay, thank you so much Dr. Stephens we appreciate it. You’re watching WBRZ news 2 at 4:00, we’ll be right back.

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