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Face Lift Options

Face Lift Options

News presenter: Welcome back to WBRZ news 2 at 4:00. Dr. Stephens is here and today we’re talking about a facelift that promises to deliver results, but there is conflicting.

Anthony Stephens: Data with that.

News presenter: Yeah.

Anthony Stephens: You know, over the years you know facelifts a very complicated topic in itself you know what to do about facial aging and the procedures that go along with it much less when companies like Lifestyle lift promise great things which they imply that it’s transferable between patient to patient and surgeon to surgeon. Implying a lesser technique, less recovery time and great results in these photographs and so that may or may not be true and so, we need to really check this out ask the surgeon, ask to see pictures and have patients that we that they’ve shown us that they’ve done in order to make a good decision and so these things are very important when it comes to facelifts especially any kind of surgery among the face.

News presenter: Ok, what kind of red flags should people be, looking out for?

Anthony Stephens: well, you know, we always say if it sounds too good to be true it probably is, but if you’re promising you know hour type techniques, a little downtime and great results with these photographs that’s just not so I mean common sense dictates that, that cannot be done and so we really want to warn people that are looking for these type of things that they really need to investigate it thoroughly maybe see a couple of physicians before they make their decision on who they’re going to see and what they’re going to do before they jump off into this.

News presenter: In your experience, what have your patients come and talk to you about, problems with this?

Anthony Stephens: Well, problems with this is that they’ve been oversold and they’ve been under delivered it’s generally the terms that they use with this and so not all procedures facelifts even with the best of surgeons turn out 100% of the time so we need to be very careful in picking the right patients and the right procedures and not all procedures, one procedure is not for every patient and so we want to make sure we’re getting what we’re being sold and make sure it’s right for us.

News presenter: And what should they expect?

Anthony Stephens: Well, I think that if you have a patient that is in say their 50s or 60s and we have you know things about aging In the face and the jowls in the neck I think those things can be corrected but it cannot be corrected with a technique that takes two to three hours to do minimal surgery, minimal downtime it takes a lot longer than that to see the results that last and I think the problems are patients come back and they say gee I’ve had these big procedures spent a lot of money doing this and the results are just not there they’re not lasting and I have now widened scars so it’s a problem and so we need to see the full facts of the matter and make sure that we’re making the right decisions and choosing the right procedures and right surgeons so, we need to pick a board-certified plastic surgeon or a facial plastic surgeon and we need to ask to see pictures and we need to say ok what complications and what can I expect with my particular situation and you know it’s very common sense type things as we said always if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

New presenter: Alright, thanks so much for coming in Dr. Stephens we appreciate it. You’re watching WBRZ news 2 at 4:00, we’ll be right back.

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