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Dr. Stephens on skin tightening without going under the knife

Dr. Stephens on skin tightening without going under the knife

Man: WBRZ news 2 at 4:00

News presenter: Skin tightening doesn’t always mean surgery Baton Rouge plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Stephens is here to clear up some confusion possibly about some of the procedures, so welcome. What sort of confusion are we talking about?

Anthony Stephens: well there is a lot of misconception, marketing when it comes to non-surgical devices like lasers, micro-needling, ultrasonic technology which can treat sagging skin, but really can’t. It can help tighten some of the little fine lines and things like that, and it works by damaging the deeper layers of the skin which creates a scar, which tightens the overlying skin, but it cannot treat sagging skin. Only surgery can treat that. And so we see a lot of marketing and misconception when it comes to these devices and so we really need to be careful and understand what they can and can’t do.

News presenter: So do you have people come to you “I saw this on TV, can you tell me about it?”

Anthony Stephens: Absolutely and you’ll see a lot of pictures and photographs of people that perhaps have had surgery, advertising that these non-surgical devices have you know, tighten all of this sagging and loose skin as we see here. This is a problem with sagging skin that needs surgery. Ultrasonic devices, lasers will not give you this result. This is only by surgical methods. And this is a procedure here, this is probably done with a laser that can, you know smooth fine lines and fillers which can fill some fine lines and so this is where they have their place. I’m not saying they don’t have their place it’s just that they need to understand when it’s time to remove the sagging skin and when it’s time to treat the little lines that we see, fine lines and some of the deeper lines, even with some of the fillers and it works great for that, but we need to really understand where, their place. And I think its way over marketed what these non-surgical devices can and can’t do.

News presenter: I’m sure that you get a lot of people that are surprised then.

Anthony Stephens: oh, absolutely you know. There is a lot of misconception. That’s one of the most common; the other misconception that we see too, is that exercise will tighten loose skin. Well it will actually build muscle underneath it, and you’re right it will bolt it up but it’s not actually going to tighten the overlying skin.

News presenter: Wow, so are there different types of age groups that can go for one or the other?

Anthony Stephens: Absolutely, some of the younger patients where there are fine lines, very little sagging skin will benefit from some of these non-surgical techniques, whether it’d be ultrasonic energy, lasers, or micro needling, which is only an old technique that we’ve brought back and works very well. And so, young skin will do very, very well with that sort of thing.

News presenter: Okay, but there is one particular treatment for a specific type of..

Anthony Stephens: For a specific type of right, treatments, like if you have a lot of pigment changes and a lot of fine lines then that might be more of a laser that we would treat you with as opposed to maybe an ultrasonic device. And so it depends on, you brought a good point, age versus what the condition, if it’s pigment and fine lines well then that’s probably a laser issue rather than some of the ultrasonic devices or micro needling.

News presenter: Okay, Dr. Anthony Stephens thank you so much. You’re watching WBRZ news 2 at 4:00 we’ll be right back.

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