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Dr. Stephens on the physical changes that come with smoking

Dr. Stephens on the physical changes that come with smoking

News presenter: WBRZ news 2 at 4:00 Dr. Anthony Stephens is here talking about the physical changes smoking does to the body, so the before and after pictures are pretty dramatic here.

Anthony Stephens: Oh yes, there’s a recent study I think we showed this a few years ago but about identical twins that they compared who smokes and didn’t smoke and it was really looking at facial aging, especially around the eyes and the lips and we found significant differences in those that had smoked and those that had stopped smoking but you know maybe for five or six years and so it continues on it’s a big problem and they’re targeting now as we’ve talked about you know teens and so they’re actually showing what teens and how the facial aging how it changes them and so that we’re hoping that this will affect teens and stop them from smoking.

News presenter: So what do we have here? Oh, this is part of the video from the Center for Disease Control the Health Organization’s that are releasing the scare tactics videos to show people the different types of risks and we’ve seen this on TV before but it is it is pretty dramatic.

Anthony Stephens: Very dramatic and again you know why don’t we target where it starts at some of the teens because most smokers have started at age 18 and so if you can target the younger folks perhaps we can have an impact on later what happens to them and especially you know facial aging seems to be one of the motivating factors which affects teens.

News presenter: Can we, what kind of clients do you see come in with, with problems like this?

Anthony Stephens: With problems, well not only facial aging but also is wound healing and so if we’re going to operate on people who smoke we can expect wound healing and we’re here again we can see pictures of the twins have smoked the gentleman on the right, you can see a difference in his facial his eyes around the nose these labial folds of the one that smoked and the ones that didn’t smoke and it affects them in a significant way, and the lady on the left you can see it’s very different with the lip lines around the nasolabial folds and these were standardized pictures that were taken a few years ago which dramatically shows the effects that smoking can ever face, there’s no question about it.

News presenter: So what sorts of options are there out there for treatment?

Anthony Stephens: Well, for treatment, number one we recommend that they see their medical doctor and there’s some other avenues that they can do to stop smoking but most people will just tell you there’s cold turkeys probably the best thing.

News presenter: Ok.

Anthony Stephens: And so after two weeks will potentially operate on what they need to stop at least two weeks and possibly longer before we can do surgery on them without significant risk of wound healing issues especially when we talk about plastic surgery moving parts around which we have devascularized vascular tissues so it’s very important that they do stop before we ever smoke and facial aging is one of those things that you know, you cannot deny some of those pictures.

News presenter: Absolutely Dr. Anthony Stephens thank you so much we’ll be right back.

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