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Dr. Stephens on Eyelid Surgery

Dr Stephens on Eyelid Surgery

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News presenter: One of the tell-tale signs of aging happens right around your eyes, Baton Rouge based plastic surgeon dr. Anthony Stephens joins us with a look at how to fix that droopy appearance, so how do we do this.

Anthony Stephens: Well, you know there is a lot of misconception about eyes or you know periorbital surgeries as we say and a lot of things can involve surgery and a lot of things need to be treated medically as in with Botox and so a lot of misconceptions are there and we talk about fine lines around the eyes and we see it more probably on the left side of our face because we drive the car in the sunlight and we squint, so anytime we squint, the little muscles that make the eyelid contract attached to the skin and we get those fine lines which can really be treated with Botox and so we can make that appearance a little softer as we’ve seen in this picture right here. This is a great example of someone that can be treated with Botox and it’s not a surgical procedure that addresses this and so we need to talk to these patients and say okay, Surgery’s not your, the main stay here Botox may, may help you and so there are things that we need to address with these patients and this kind of telefilm, what can be helped with Botox or can be helped with surgery. For example, people, patients come in with this condition which is a brow ptosis or brow sagging and this is not upper eyelid problem this is a brow lift which would help with this and so we actually do a browpexy or we lift the brow and then actually opens the eye up and so they need maybe a combination of a upper eyelid lift but a brow lift and so it really needs to be defined what the problem is with the particular patient.

News presenter: What causes that? For the..

Anthony Stephens: Well you know, it’s basically like we talked about, again its skin and sagging skin and so it can be hereditary, especially in the upper eyes. We see this all the time especially in men and so we will actually remove a little bit of skin of the upper eye but a lot of those patients as we just show, really need their brow lifted as well as the upper eyelid skin and so you need to talk to your physician and make sure you’re getting the right procedure for your condition.

News presenter: Okay, question about you know, women who wear makeup and tend to pull on their eyes, skin.

Anthony Stephens: That’s right, they can’t wear makeup on the upper eyelid because they have too much skin and so that’s a reason that you would have an upper lid blepharoplasty, you’re just really removing this skin and an upper eyelid surgery would remove that skin and so you see the crease and you can wear eye shadow and so we see that all the time, very compensator. It’s done under local anesthetic, takes about maybe an hour and it works very well for most of the time.

News presenter: And the recovery is, like what?

Anthony Stephens: Recovery is pretty quick, now they will bruise and they will swell and you can expect that for about a week to maybe two weeks but usually it’s a very quick recovery, they could be back to work if they don’t mind being bruised..

News presenter: Right.

Anthony Stephens: You know, within a couple, three days.

News presenter: Okay, and what is that, what does a procedure like that typically cost?

Anthony Stephens: Well, because it’s not local anesthetic, you can do the surgery for somewhere around maybe two-three thousand dollars.

News presenter: Okay

Anthony Stephens: And so, it’s not a very a very expensive surgery as cosmetic surgery goes.

News presenter: Okay, Dr. Anthony Stephens, thank you so much for joining us today. You’re watching WBRZ news 2 at 4:00, we’ll be right back.

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