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Dr Stephens on Breast Reconstructive Surgery

Dr Stephens on Breast Reconstructive Surgery

News presenter: WBRZ news 2 at 4:00. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Stephens is giving some insight into options, women have for reconstructive work. So what do we need to know?

Anthony Stephens: Well you know, it’s a breast cancer awareness month and so it’s a team approach and we’re talking about breast cancer treatment. Anywhere from diagnosis to treatment, to breast reconstruction and women have lost of options when it comes to breast reconstruction. Anywhere from using implants that we use in just normal breast augmentation to using their own body tissue and really you have to discuss that with your breast surgeon and your plastic surgeon as to what you’re a better candidate for. For example we do have some support options here which we talked about earlier, which is a tissue expanding, if we’re doing a mastectomy, we can always put this in at the time of the mastectomy and then come back and change it out for a silicone gel implant.

News presenter: How long is, does that last for?

Anthony Stephens: I mean, this is probably somewhere around two to three months..

News presenter: Ok.

Anthony Stephens: We expand the tissues and then we, once we get all the tissues on top of the reconstruction adequate then we can take the expander out and then place in a nice silicone implant which we have here, which makes a nice reconstruction. It’s probably a little simpler than using your own body tissue for example, but a lot of ladies don’t have this option, perhaps if they have radiation then using your own body tissue perhaps is a better way of reconstructing a breast. But remember, the goals of reconstruction are: symmetry, okay we want a nice symmetric, whatever we have on one side we want the other, two is we want a nice soft breast, we want something that appears natural and clothing and in a bathing suit. Not that we’re not going to have scars, but it looks nice in a bathing suit. And we want something that’s going to leave less that’s going to leave less scarring if we can and we want long lasting results from any type of breast reconstruction that we do.

News presenter: Okay, I think we have some images if we can pop those up.

Anthony Stephens: Yeah, what we’re talking about here, this is a method of treating breast cancer, this would be a small lump and we can either remove the lump leaving the remaining breast tissue and then doing a radiation around the breast which is a lumpectomy and a radiation or we can remove the breast totally which would be mastectomy, this is a form of what we’ve just talked about here, tissue expansion with the latissimus muscle that can be brought on top of the implant, that’s a form of autologous tissue and implant and here we see in the operating room that we’ve shown, have done a case using a tissue expander and another material that we actually place over the expander to give this kind of a padding if you will, so that you don’t feel the implant as much and then we switch it out for a nice soft implant.

News presenter: And what’s the recovery time like?

Anthony Stephens: Recovery time, from the time you do the mastectomy at the time that you’ve finished with the reconstruction is probably somewhere around six months or so.

News presenter: Okay, thank you so much Dr. Anthony Stephens we appreciate it. You’re watching WBRZ news 2 at 4:00 we’ll be right back.

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