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Dr. Stephens on body modification

Dr. Stephens on body modification

News presenter: A chat with Dr. Anthony Stephens is going to talk to us about body modifications, Dr. Stephens kind of told me what we’re going to talk about today.

Anthony Stephens: Well, you know body modifications we’re talking specifically about ear lobes and people that have had multiple piercings with split ear lobes or twin ear lobes we see that very commonly and that we’re seeing more and more, something called gauging or enlarging the ear lobe where they’re actually putting large plugs in the air lobe and then asking us to reconstruct them as we see here on the monitor this is a picture of a split earlobe that we’ve had to modify or reconstruct and fix and some of these, this would be one that we talked about with tapering or piercing and then stretching the earlobe and you see how these look when the ring or plug is placed in the earlobe and then we’ll actually reconstruct the ear lobe and a lot of these can be very difficult to do and can leave permanent scarring and so you know, the public needs to know if we’re going to do these four things, there is, you know the consequence to that and it ends up being reconstructing the ear lobe, which can be done mostly under local anesthetic but it is costly and it does leave some permanent scarring.

News presenter: Dr. that looks pretty painful, are there any other side effects obviously besides the, the way it looks.

Anthony Stephens: The way it looks, well during the process I mean we’ve seen untreated people that have gotten infected from placing different types of material into the enlargement of the ear and the best thing that if you look at some of these sites is usually glass or titanium rather than any type of poor substance which can lead to an infection and we treated several of those recently.

News presenter: You mentioned that it’s pretty costly how much are we looking at.

Anthony Stephens: Well, it depends on the time involved in reconstructing these they could be you know from several thousand dollars to maybe five or six thousand, depending on how and you know that we need to do this I mean some of these things can actually end up going to the operating room where we need to put these patients under general anesthetic to actually fix and so it can take quite a bit of time to fix some of these things and it can be very costly and if you’re not assured that you’re not going to have some permanent scarring which can lead to keloid as we’ve talked about earlier which is another problem that we see commonly in earlobes.

News presenter: Well, thank you so much Dr. for joining us, we’ll be right back.

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