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Breast Reconstruction Using Your Own Body Tissue

Breast Reconstruction Using Your Own Body Tissue

News presenter: Welcome back to WBRZ news 2 at 4:00. Dr. Stephen is back today and in light of breast cancer awareness month we’re talking more about breast reconstruction so welcome back.

Anthony Stephens: Well thank you, glad to be here again and you know, last week we talked about breast reconstruction utilizing implants and tissue expanders which is a great way to reconstruct a breast well not all women patients can, are afforded that luxury some with mastectomy that are removing skin and breast tissue require using their own body tissue as in tissue from the abdomen which is called a tram flap made popular back in the 60s, now we’re using some tissue from the buttocks this an example of the tram flap where we actually transplant tissue from the abdomen tolling it up through to the breast and sometimes we can actually take it loose as in this photograph and then transplant it using microsurgical techniques back to the chest wall forming a breast bound and then forming the nipple on reconstruction later, it’s a great way to do this if you don’t have enough skin that we’ve taken from the mastectomy, so techniques are different depending on what we missing and so we have to think about what the defect is and then we use various body parts to reconstruct what we’re missing.

News presenter: Interesting, where what’s the most common area that you take.

Anthony Stephens: Well the most common thing if we’re going to use free tissue as we call it is from the abdomen, even to the point that we can to it as maybe a tummy tuck if you will removing the fat and skin only and then transplanting it to the chest wall forming a breast mound which is a great way of doing, we’ve even found ways of doing it now without taking the muscle and just taking the fat and skin and then transplanting to the chest more like an abdominoplasty if you will and so it’s a great technique to use if you’re a candidate for it and that’s the point that we need to talk to the plastic surgeons and make sure you’re a candidate for this versus one of the other techniques, another one is we’re showing now is using the back which is latissimus muscle.

News presenter: Okay.

Abdominoplasty Wrapping it around the breast and then part where the breast would be and then putting an implant underneath it, most commonly and this is a great way to reconstruct a breast using your own body tissue as well. And even the buttock as we’ve shown a picture here called a gluteal flap, using the fat and skin from the buttock and then transplanting that to the chest wall making a breast mound, some women can’t, they don’t have enough abdominal tissue and so we have to think of different areas where we can swap Peter to pay Paul.

News presenter: ok, well thank you so much Dr. Stephens we appreciate it. You’re watching WBRZ news 2 at 4:00, we’ll be right back.

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