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Breast Augmentation 101, The Basics

Breast Augmentation 101, The Basics

News presenter: Welcome back to WBRZ news 2 at 4:00. Dr. Anthony Stephens is here and we’re talking the basics today about breast augmentation.

Anthony Stephens: Right.

News presenter: And you have some examples here.

Anthony Stephens: We do, we do and the first thing we need to talk about is that you need to be, if you’re considering breast augmentation make sure that you see a board-certified plastic surgeon, one that can tell you all about it and make sure that you’re a good candidate. You’re basic choices when it comes to implants if that’s what we’re talking about here is we have these saline implant which has been out for many years and we usually fill it up with a little tab here and a little spigot goes in and we actually fill it up and it goes in you know it’s pretty small. We also have silicone gel implants now which have been out for about 4 years for most population which are a great choice as well. There’s the gummy bear implant as it’s called or the shaped implant which we have here and we also cut it to show people what happens you know they always wonder what if it ruptures and this is what happens here, same thing with the other silicone implant, it doesn’t go throughout the body it just stays right where we put it. So both are great choices and that’s why we need to see the appropriate position to make sure that we are one a good candidate and two to make sure which implant is going to be best for you.

News presenter: In your experience, what is, what is the best?

Anthony Stephens: Well there isn’t, you know I get the question all the time there’s no such thing as the best implant some implants are better for certain women, women that have thin skin the silicone gel implant is going to be better and it doesn’t ripple like the saltwater implant will. So yes, that’s probably a better implant for somebody that has a good bit of breast tissue it probably doesn’t matter which implant you use but it’s safe to say that the silicone gel implant is going to be softer it’s going to look more natural and feel much more natural than the Saline implant will.

News presenter: Okay, tell me a little bit about the incisions.

Anthony Stephens: Well, there are various incisions that we can make. Most incisions nowadays if you pull most plastic surgeons it’s underneath the breast in the crease of the breast but incisions have been paled anywhere from the belly button all the way to the arm, to put them in.

News presenter: The belly button?

Anthony Stephens: Absolutely, called you know Trans umbilical breast augmentation. It’s done but there are various problems with that, you can imagine going from the belly button and through a tube and fitting in the right spot, very difficult to do, not recommended.

News presenter: Not recommended, ok well thank you so much.

Anthony Stephens: Oh you’re so welcome.

News presenter: Dr. Anthony Stephens for coming on today. You’re watching WBRZ news 2 at 4:00 we’ll be right back.

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