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Body Contouring & Fat Transplantation

Body Contouring & Fat Transplantation

News presenter: Welcome back to WBRZ news 2 at 4:00. Dr. Anthony Stephens is here today we’re talking about using you own fat to plump up another area of your body, so talk to us about it.

Anthony Stephens: Well you know it’s been a dream of many women taking fat from one place of the body and then transferring it to the breast for increased volume and we’ve been transferring fat for quite a while with some success to the face and other parts of the body but the breast is a little different and that with newer techniques that we’re doing now we can transfer it to the breast without obscuring you know the breast for mammograms because a lot of times we’ll place fat in the breast and it doesn’t live and so it turns into a scar and then it can obscure mammograms but recently we found better techniques in order to do this to transfer the fat where we don’t have such a problem and it’s found its way more into breast reconstruction where we take small parts of the breast away and after reconstruction we can fill in those little defects with the fat with some success and so there’s where we’re really finding success with it more so than just augmenting the breast.

News presenter: Interesting, so what are what do women ask you about when they come in?

Anthony Stephens: well you know, women ask well, is there a natural filler rather than using an implant per se and the truth of the matter is we’re just not quite there yet it can be done and people are using small amounts of fat for small areas of breast if we want to augment that but for filling in the breast with large amounts of fat we’re just not quite there.

News presenter: Right.

Anthony Stephens: We will, I think with the new research that we’ve got coming out in the better door studies that we have on this I think we’ll find a way in the future but as of now, we just don’t have the knowledge nor the techniques to take you know an implant, throw it out the window for breast augmentation per se.

News presenter: Where does it, where does it really work on your body?

Anthony Stephens: Well it works great we put in the face, we can also augment the buttock area in those areas that we may have a little defect say after a liposuction I think it works well for that but the breast is a little different story because we have native breast tissue and we don’t obscure maybe a breast cancer and so our society the social plastic surgeons have really not really endorsed fat transfer for breast augmentation but for breast cancer and filling in those little defects yes I think it’s a wonderful thing.

News presenter: Now, depending on what you do what’s the downtime for something like this?

Anthony Stephens: Well, you know downtime is very little I mean it’s basically liposuction and then their various ways of treating the fat before we re-inject it into the breast or other areas so the downtime is very little you know with very little effort if you will and so the technique has been around for over a hundred years, perfecting it is something that we just haven’t done.

News presenter: Over a hundred years!?

Anthony Stephens: Yes, first documented case was over a hundred years ago with transferring fat. Now the breast is something that’s been new recently and so I would say it’s not been really a blast say 20 years really that we’ve transferred to the bills.

News presenter: Alright, Dr. Stephens thanks so much for coming in, we appreciate it. You’re watching WBRZ news 2 at 4:00, we’ll be right back.

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