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Benefits of Breast Reduction in Young Females

Benefits of Breast Reduction in Young Females

News Presenter: Welcome back to WBRZ news 2 at 4:00. Dr. Stephens is here today and we’re talking about breast reconstruction and its benefits, so welcome back Dr. Stephens, how you doing.

Anthony Stephens: I’m fine glad to be back again and really what we’re talking about; we have a new study that was published in the plastic and reconstructive surgery journal out of Boston Children’s hospital which really was one of the first of its kind. It looked at adolescents with breast asymmetry, gross asymmetry, whether it was breast that just didn’t develop or enlarged breasts called macromastia and it looked at the social well-being of these children if you will at age 12 to 21 and it showed that they really had a decrease in self-esteem and overall just decrease in social wellness and so the study pointed out that if we had early intervention and these as in just evaluation not necessarily treatment but possibly treatment down the road as they aged that it would help them significantly with these issues, whether it be eating disorders or just overall self-esteem and so it points out that this is not a necessarily a cosmetic issue but this could be a functional issue and perhaps even insurance companies should look at it that way and maybe provide coverage for some of these services later on if they would need a surgery for example.

News presenter: Okay, so you mentioned treatment, what kind of treatment are we talking about?

Anthony Stephens: Well you know, obviously you know ladies that have macromastia and large breasts this would be a breast reduction and as a matter of fact we see a lot of that this time of year with kids have off during their college breaks and so I see a lot of this in ages of 18 even up to maybe 15 to 18 years of age, makes a significant difference for these young ladies when we actually reduce the breast they feel better about themselves eating disorders may improve a lot of other social issues are improved with that as well and so I think we need to look at this as a functional problem not necessarily a cosmetic issue.

News presenter: 15, I mean that seems a little young.

Anthony Stephens: It can be and it depends on the child and it depends on how they’ve developed and if they have stopped growing at that point and so consultant consultation with the pediatrician along with the plastic surgeon is recommended and determining if surgery is really the avenue or perhaps maybe a weight reduction first and then we can look at maybe doing breast reduction as they age and when the breast becomes fully developed.

News presenter: Of course but you have to discuss with your doctor and family.

Anthony Stephens: Absolutely, discuss it with your family your pediatrician as well as the plastic surgeon.

News presenter: All right, thank you so much Dr. Stephens we appreciate it. You’re watching WBRZ news 2 at 4:00, we’ll be right back.

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